Working with me

Working with me

Bespoke Workshops and team events:

Supporting teams through joint trainings, coaching and offsites is one of my greatest passions. What I love most about this work is to create events that respond precisely to a specific team’s situation, needs and dynamics. All my team events are co-created with my clients, and their success has been due to this co-creation and client focus, and through combining clear structure with playfulness and a relaxed atmosphere in which people feel free to exchange and express themselves. If you are thinking of running a workshop or training for your team, contact me to find out how to go from idea to impact.

Individual Coaching:

People experience coaching with me as a safe space for reflection, for finding clarity and calm in complexity, for being challenged and for expanding their leadership skills, and to grow their resilience. There are three main ways to work with me:

  • Deep Dive: 3-6 months coaching programme, aiming at profound personal and leadership growth and reaching your next level
  • Solution clinic: 1-3 sessions focusing on a specific problem or goal you are facing
  • Personal intensive: we spend a one day offsite together in a beautiful location, focusing on YOU. A personal intensive combines classical coaching with a mix of mindfulness, art or embodiment work, tailored to YOUR needs and preferences.

Retreats and Offsites

2022 Retreat
The September 2022 Inner Compass Retreat was a day of deep inside-out leadership work with a group of amazing, powerful, women. During this one day, we deepened our ability to be present and centred – connecting to our bodies, und using embodiment tools to be grounded, relaxed and in the moment. We made a deep dive into identity work – looking at the different facets of how we create our identities, how this shapes our choices and actions, and how to reach greater freedom and range in our lives. And finally, we connected to our vision and commitments for the future we want to create. Understanding that our commitments form both our identity and our actions.

2023 Retreat
My next Inner Compass Retreat will take place on 16 September, 2023. Its focus will be:

  • Connecting and communicating with impact ! A day using bodywork, voice and acting techniques to give you greater ease and strengthen your power in communicating with others and conveying your message. Through the tools we will be using and the intimate setting, definitely a life changing experience.

This is a small group event of maximum 10 participants. Your investment is 300 € (incl. VAT), drinks and coffee breaks included. And until 15 May 2023, you can sign up on an Early Bird ticket, at only 225 € (incl. VAT).

Audacious Leaders Retreats:
On 18-21 May, 2023, with my colleagues in ADAPTAA, we will again run our unique Audacious Leaders Retreat – a 4 day deep dive into yourself, your vision and your leadership. For more information and how to enroll, click

Bespoke Offsites:
Offsite team events can be powerful performance accelerators. They combine quality time together that strengthens trust and collaboration, deep leadership development work, and time for true strategic dialogue, which so often is cut short in the day to day. If you think your team could benefit from an offsite, let’s talk.

Embodiment work:

Embodiment work consists of simple, intentional physical movement exercises. It helps us to become more present in our lives and using the unity of body and mind to create shifts that neither body nor mind can create on their own. I use it because at times our minds will only think what they already know, and despite their best will are unable to help us access new insights and adopt new behaviours. Embodiment work uses the wisdom of the body to find new insights and make learning and change more accessible and easy.

You will find that I frequently include elements of embodiment work in my regular coaching. If you are curious to learn more, aiming for deep transformation, greater emotional balance, health and resilience, you will love my body intelligence coaching – a combination of classical coaching and powerful embodiment work.