You are smart. You are passionate.
You are a leader in your bones.
And you are here to make a difference.

But leadership can be complex…

You know the ins and outs of the corporate system –
but sometimes you feel trapped by it.
You have achieved a lot, but sometimes you feel that you have not yet made the real impact that you are here to make.
And deep down, you know that there is more
to your life and leadership.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

I am Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau

I’m an expert in helping great leaders make more impact
than they ever felt possible.

And I’m an expert in helping leaders shift from feeling drained to more
refreshed and alive than they’ve felt in years.

If you’re ready for your next level of leadership – in the corporate world, as an entrepreneur, or in your private life – you and I should have a conversation…